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The Journey to the Great Day

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You know the journey to the wedding is fully underway when you’ve stopped Googling for themes, styles and bridal looks, and start working with suppliers.

Bridal and Jewellery
Wedding Jewellery in ColomboNaturally the dresser must be picked, before the bride to be embarks on her quest to finalise her gown or sari. A quest that could take weeks or even months of visiting Bridal Wear stores, it cannot be rushed. One can opt for a sari (Kandyan – Osari or Indian style) or wedding dress, from creations embroidered with sequins to lace-worked marvels.
Most brides opt for predominantly white or off white with decoration in gold. Think of the material too – Italian silk, whilst of high quality, is heavier than net sari. Do not forget the stunning headdress and beautiful bouquet, both of which would be chosen and agreed in discussion with the dresser.

Sri Lanka has an incredible array of wedding jewellery, and regardless of whether a bride wishes to be adorned in gold from head to foot, or prefers a subtler touch, there are Bridal Jewellery stores offering collections spanning all tastes and budgets. Kandyan bridal jewellery, for example, is a completely different ball game! The basics of jewellery include the rings for both bride and groom, and the necklace and earrings for the bride.

LP – An eye on the gold prices and their trends can save the couple a lot of money, if they were to time their purchases right.

Groom’s world
Grooms Clothing and AttireIt’s time for the man to dress up for the big day! A lot of the time, Sri Lankan groomswear options include suit and tie, tuxedo and bowtie or the traditional Kandyan suit, known as Nilame. It all depends what matches the groom, and of course, what coordinates best with the lovely bride’s selection. A tuxedo, or even a suit would look great with a wedding dress. A traditional Nilame will match the Osari sari. Some Muslim bridegrooms select the Punjabi suit whilst Hindu Tamils wear Verti.

For this day, a man can be let off the hook for wanting to get his suit tailored. The material, cloth and fabric play a key role in showing the premium quality of a man’s suit, and so do his choice of shirt, tie, belt and shoes. The key objective is to select a style, materials and colours that complement both the bride and himself.

Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, flower girls and pageboys
Choosing colour combinations depend on what’s trendy at the moment, what will look best on skin tone, and sometimes what the dresser suggests. Pick colours that are not too harsh. Above all, ensure that at the end of the day, the bride is the centre of attention!

Traditionally, the groomsmen have little choice. Although one does not need to stick to the norm, the dress code of groomsmen generally complements the colours of the bridesmaids, most often in terms of the colour and fabric of necktie.

Florist in Colombo
Wedding Florists in ColomboYou will probably buy more flowers from your wedding florist than for any other occasion in your life. With good reason - the duties of the florist are multiple and varied. A florist will be needed for church decor, but these are generally simple and elegant unlike the intricate and creative flower arrangements accompanying cake structures, table centres, the settee back, and the head table – all commonplace at the Reception venue. Flowers are also needed for the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, and the groom’s party.

If the decor is to be made out of fresh flowers – and natural is always the best - they need to check on the seasonality, so book your florist early and begin discussing. Work with a supplier who is courteous and creative. The end result will look simply fabulous – and the photographs will be as gorgeous as the real thing.

Invitation & Cake Box Suppliers
Wedding cakeboxes and stationary in ColomboColourful and gaudy options are available in hawker markers in the city. Some of the finer options and textures, including high quality shades of white, silver, ivory and gold are perhaps best sourced at more exclusive shops with huge ranges of creative papers. The couple must be fairly confident of how many people they are going to invite, prior to deciding what invitation is best and from where. The same goes for cake boxes and often, it is more economical for the same place to handle both items.


Wedding Cakes and Wedding Cake structures
Wedding Cake Structures in ColomboOne would also need to consider the benefits of having wedding cakes on side plates or wedding favours instead – or be truly grandiose and have both. The decision is entirely up to the couple. There have been weddings with standard wedding cakes, some with favours such as almonds, chocolates, and some are not even edible; but it would be nice to offer something to your guests, to thank them for coming to your reception.

DJs and Bands in Colombo
From the first dance, to the ‘going-away’ track, couples will need to decide on the music. Some have both DJs and bands. Generally a DJ is more cost effective than a band, but the composition of guests will hint towards which option is better. In addition, selecting a band and DJ with or without lighting will add to the theme and character of the wedding. There are other options, such as a playlist of selected music played off an mp3 player, a string quartet, or a jazz singer. Decide on music based on your taste and on the audience. Many ladies and gentlemen of the previous generation do not envisage dancing to a DJ playing One Direction tracks.

LP - Head over to YouTube for some inspiration and you may just start your playlist from scratch.

The Bridal Registry
Here’s another question that has stumped almost all couples. To have a Bridal Registry or Not to have a Bridal Registry.

Most couples nowadays do not want their guests to spend money on unwanted or duplicated gifts. So if you do not want six rice cookers - create a bridal registry. It is the most convenient choice for you and more importantly, your guests. Sri Lankan parents sometimes have mixed feelings – but it’s your decision. Provide options for everyone by having a selection of low budget and high priced items. A large store will help stock one’s new house – an exclusive gallery store could offer a more discerning selection of items.

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The Journey to the Great Day

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The Journey to the Great Day

You know the journey to the wedding is fully underway when you’ve stopped Googling for themes, styles and bridal looks, and start working with suppliers.Bridal and JewelleryNaturally the dresser must...

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